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Hotel Luxe Element

  • Like a snake's exoskeleton this hotel was designed to flow perfectly with nature and is situated on some of the most pristine waters in the world! 🌏🌴🌊 Do you want to plan a dream vacation to the Maldives?! Tag someone who would love to go here! (📸: @jeremyaustiin 📍: Joali Maldives - @joalimaldives )
  • Not a bad way to take a drip in the pool in Italy! 🏊‍♀️🇮🇹 Have you seen this iconic hotel yet? Tag a friend who would love to. go! (📸: @your_passage 📍: Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus, Italy)
  • When you want to stand out you stay at THE iconic pink hotel in Charleston! 💕🌴😍 Besides just looking beautiful and having a great location in the heart of Historic Downtown Charleston,  @millshousehotel also offers amazing service and a caring staff 😄 Who are you taking with you to stay here?! Tag them below! (📍: The Mills House Wyndham Grand Hotel - @millshousehotel)
  • Sunrise on Madeira Island 💕 This autonomous region of Portugal is known for its namesake wine and warm, subtropical climate 🍷🌊🌅 We wouldn't mind staying at this beautiful spot looking out over the Atlantic! Tag a friend that would love a relaxing trip here ❤️😁 (📸: @traveljunkiediary 📍: Belmond Reid's Palace, Madeira - @belmondreidspalace)
  • Walking out onto your balcony overlooking a winter wonderland! 😍🏔️ Are you more of a warm or cold weather vacation person? Let us know in the comments below, we love both! (📸: @michelphotography_ch 📍: Hotel Alpenruh @hotel_alpenruh)
  • Super sunset in Miami! ✨ We can always go for a beach day here! 🌴🌆 Do you want to visit this city in 2020? (📸: @jeremyaustiin 📍: PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter, Florida)